Why do Morgues Prefer to Hire Women?

The morgues industry is a demanding field that requires professionals with the right temperament, skills, and training to handle the complexities of death and the afterlife. In recent years, it has become apparent that women are increasingly being preferred for roles in morgues, and this has raised questions about why this trend is emerging.

Even though morgues are not exactly the most pleasant or appealing places to work. In fact, the very nature of the job requires individuals to work with dead bodies, often in varying states of decomposition. However, despite the job’s challenges, it is a crucial role in society, ensuring that the deceased are treated with respect and dignity.

It’s interesting to note that in many morgues, women are the preferred employees. While this may seem like an odd preference, some might speculate that this is a gender-biased preference, there are many valid reasons why women are becoming the preferred choice for roles in the mortuary industry.

1. Professional Reasons

One of the primary reasons why women are preferred for roles in morgues is their ability to handle the job’s physical and emotional demands. Women are known for their empathy, which makes them better able to comfort grieving families and handle the sensitive nature of working with the deceased.

Additionally, women have better manual dexterity, which is essential when handling fragile human remains. They have better attention to detail and are generally more organized, which makes them ideal for record-keeping and other administrative tasks.

2. Social Reasons

Apart from professional reasons, there are social reasons behind this trend. As a TikTok user pointed out, the history of men’s relationship with the dead bodies of women is fraught with issues like necrophilia, which is the wanton disrespect of bodies, predominantly violations done by men to not male bodies.

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This has created a preference for women in the mortuary industry, as they are less likely to engage in such acts. Furthermore, the promotion of gender diversity in the workplace helps break down stereotypes, promote inclusivity, and provide equal employment opportunities.

3. Dark Realities

It’s not just a preference, unfortunately. There are darker reasons behind this trend. In the past, there have been cases of men violating female corpses in morgues.

According to a 2014 New York Post article, Kenneth Douglas admitted in a deposition that he had brutally raped and assaulted up to 100 different female corpses waiting to be autopsied during his nearly two decades working at the morgue.

This is a grim reminder of why the mortuary industry needs to take extra measures to ensure the safety and dignity of the deceased.

Why Morgues Prefer to Hire Women

Given the history of necrophilia and violations of bodies, it’s understandable why morgues would prefer to hire women. While it’s not a perfect solution, it provides a layer of protection for the deceased bodies.

Women are less likely to commit such violations, making them the preferred choice for working in morgues. Additionally, women tend to have more empathy and compassion, which is essential in handling the bodies of the deceased.

They are also generally more detail-oriented, ensuring that all protocols are followed when handling the dead bodies.

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While the reasons why morgues prefer to hire women may seem odd at first, they are rooted in a dark history of violations of bodies, particularly female bodies. This history has led to several rules and regulations surrounding the handling of dead bodies, and morgues have taken steps to ensure that the deceased are treated with respect and dignity.

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While it’s not a perfect solution, hiring women provides a layer of protection for the bodies, and women tend to have the empathy and attention to detail necessary for this important job.

As society continues to shift towards greater equality and diversity, it is likely that more women will enter and thrive in traditionally male-dominated industries like the mortuary industry.

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