5 Reasons a man may breakup a relationship without Closure.

First and foremost, it is essential to recognize the undeniable fact that there is absolutely no justifiable reason why anyone should end a relationship without some form of closure or, at the very least, an explanation. However, as expressed in the American TV series “Arrow” by the character Ra’s al Ghul in his conversation with Felicity, “There is one immutable truth about life: it is often more cruel than fair and rarely provides enough time for any of us to find closure”.

No matter how disheartening this may sound, it remains the truth and reality for many people, and why so ? let’s take a look at the 5 possible reasons why this may happen.


“If you leave me, yawa go dey (Song by Tekno) okay chill, now let’s be honest, we can all agree that not every relationship partner will take the matters of unseen heartbreak easily, most especially those whom are very emotional and their love weigh heavier than their heart.

Humans are known for many centuries to over react in certain situations, especially when feeling betrayed and used, and in a short window of time, their actions can be fueled by emotions such as anger and their thought process may justify any act carried out within these time window.

Now Imagine a couple going through tough times, where they’re avoiding talking about their problems. Instead of facing the issues, they choose to ignore them, hoping it will keep things calm. This fear of arguing or saying hurtful things makes them keep everything inside.

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As they keep ignoring the problems, the love they once had starts fading away. The tension between them gets stronger, but they still avoid talking openly about what’s bothering them. It’s like there’s a heavy feeling in the air, making it harder for them to connect.

Over time, the unspoken issues become too much to bear. The fear of arguing turns into a feeling of giving up, and one person decides the only way to escape the stress is to end the relationship suddenly, fearing that the conversation will be too much to have. The avoidance of conflict, even though it seems like a quick solution, actually makes things worse.

When this happens, the person left behind is left with a lot of questions and no answers. They’re stuck wondering what went wrong because there was never a chance to talk openly about it. Avoiding conflict might seem easier in the short term, but in the long run, it often leads to a painful and confusing breakup


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