Kelsea Ballerini SNL Songs

Listen to Kelsea Ballerini’s emotional “Saturday Night Live” debut songs inspired by her ex-husband’s divorce. “Blindsided” and “Penthouse” on SNL.

Kelsea Ballerini made her debut on the musical guest segment of the popular TV show ‘Saturday Night Live‘ on March 4, 2023. She performed two songs from her recently released album, ‘Rolling Up the Welcome Mat,’ which are “Blindsided” and “Penthouse” which was heavily inspired by her failed marriage. The show’s host was Travis Kelce, who is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and was also making his debut as a host.

Ballerini’s divorce from her ex-husband, Morgan Evans, was finalized in November 2022, after they were married for almost five years. Since then, Evans has been rumored to be dating Chase Stokes. In an episode of ‘Call Her Daddy,’ Ballerini spoke about the details of her failed marriage, including sleeping on the couch, reaching her breaking point, and being forced to give up half of the house.

On social media, Evans made a post the day before the full episode was released, expressing his disappointment in hearing things that he believed were not true about their marriage from someone he had spent so much time with.

Kelsea Ballerini SNL Blindsided

In the middle of the show, Kelsea Ballerini made her first appearance on stage, where she sang “Blindsided” from her newly released EP, ‘Rolling Up the Welcome Mat.’ This song is said to be heavily influenced by her divorce from her ex-husband, Morgan Evans.

The song “Blindsided” by Kelsea Ballerini tells the story of a failed relationship where one partner is questioning whether the other was aware of the issues that led to the breakup or if they were simply unaware or in denial. The lyrics paint a picture of a couple who had communication issues, using examples such as having to get drunk to have meaningful conversations and the use of therapy to try and solve their problems.

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The first verse asks the question of whether the other partner was aware of the problems in the relationship or not. The use of the word “blindsided” implies that the person did not see the end of the relationship coming, but the line “or were you just blind?” suggests that they may have been aware of the issues but chose to ignore them.

The chorus emphasizes the idea that the truth was apparent and that the partner should have been aware of the issues. The use of therapy suggests that the couple had tried to work on their problems, but one partner did not listen to the other, leading to the breakdown of the relationship.

The second verse reinforces the idea of communication issues in the relationship, with the line “I told you what I needed, didn’t have to read my mind.” This line suggests that the partner was not attentive to their partner’s needs and may have ignored them.

The bridge provides an example of a fight that happened before a big show and how the couple tried to put on a brave face. This suggests that the relationship had been struggling for some time, and the couple was trying to make it work, despite the issues.

The final chorus repeats the idea that the partner should have been aware of the issues in the relationship and the use of “you’ve got yours and I’ve got mine” suggests that each partner has their own perspective on what happened. The outro repeats the question of whether the partner was blind to the problems or chose to ignore them.

During her performance, Ballerini wore a tight-fitting black outfit with various cuts throughout the fabric. As she sang, a silhouette could be seen dancing in the background behind a screen that was lit up.

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Overall, “Blindsided” is a song about the breakdown of a relationship due to communication issues and one partner’s refusal to acknowledge the problems. The use of therapy and examples of fights and lack of communication show the struggle that the couple faced, ultimately leading to the end of their relationship.

Kelsea Ballerini SNL Penthouse Song

Later in the show, Kelsea Ballerini returned to the stage and sang another song from her latest EP, “Rolling Up the Welcome Mat.” The song was “Penthouse.” For this performance, Ballerini chose a long, flowing white gown that had a slit down the leg.

The song “Penthouse” by Kelsea Ballerini explores the theme of a failed relationship that began with high hopes and dreams but eventually crumbled under the weight of unfulfilled expectations. The lyrics describe a couple who moved to a penthouse with a stunning view of the city after getting married, hoping to start a new life together. However, they soon realized that their relationship was not as perfect as they had hoped it would be.

In the first verse, Ballerini paints a picture of their life in the penthouse, where they watched the world go by from their window. The view was beautiful, but the noise from the interstate made it hard to enjoy. They played the part of a happy couple for five nights a week, but they were never there on weekends, hinting at a lack of connection and intimacy. Ballerini wonders if her partner hated her when she left town.

In the chorus, Ballerini acknowledges that they were just pretending to be happy, as they tried to play the role of a perfect couple living in a penthouse. However, the truth was that they were not truly happy, and they both changed as the relationship progressed. She wonders if it was wrong to think that everything would be okay just because they had a luxurious home.

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In the second verse, Ballerini reflects on her hopes of starting a family, thinking that it would make their relationship stronger. However, she realizes that having kids would not have solved their problems. They played the part of a happy couple, but they were never truly happy.

In the bridge, Ballerini describes the pain of packing up and leaving, realizing that their relationship was over. They don’t talk anymore, and the thought of dividing their possessions is a reminder of what they have lost.

In the final chorus, Ballerini reveals that she has moved on and kissed someone new. She acknowledges that her partner now hates her, and that they both changed as they were moving out. In the end, Ballerini acknowledges that they were only pretending to be happy, living in a luxurious penthouse that was supposed to represent their dreams and aspirations, but instead became a symbol of their failed relationship.

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In conclusion, Kelsea Ballerini’s debut performance on Saturday Night Live was a memorable moment for fans and viewers. Her performances of “Blindsided” and “Penthouse” showcased her incredible talent and emotional depth as an artist. It’s clear that her personal experiences, particularly her divorce from ex-husband Morgan Evans, have deeply influenced her music. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this rising star.

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