St Joseph Facts for Kids

Discover fun and educational St. Joseph facts for kids! From his role as Jesus’ earthly father to his reputation as the “Terror of Demons,” learn all about the life and legacy of this beloved saint in our comprehensive facts list. Perfect for parents and educators looking to teach children about St. Joseph’s fascinating story.

Hey kiddo, do you know who St. Joseph is? He’s a really important guy who did some pretty amazing things! In fact, today is his special day! It’s called St. Joseph’s Day, and people all over the world celebrate it.

St. Joseph was a really special guy because he was chosen by God to be Jesus’ earthly father. Can you imagine how cool that would be? St. Joseph took care of Jesus and Mary and made sure they were safe and happy.

But St. Joseph was more than just a dad. He was also a really hard worker. He was a carpenter and he worked with his hands to make things like furniture and tools. And even though he wasn’t famous or important in the eyes of the world, he was really important to God.

People celebrate St. Joseph’s Day in lots of different ways. Some people go to church and pray to him. Others make special foods like zeppoles or pasta, which are traditional Italian dishes. But no matter how people celebrate, the most important thing is to remember how special St. Joseph was and how much he loved Jesus and Mary.

So, do you want to know more about St. Joseph and St. Joseph’s Day? I have a list of over 50 cool facts that I think you’ll love! We can learn about how St. Joseph was a protector of the Church, how he was a man of deep prayer, and even how he’s known as the “Terror of Demons”! Trust me, it’s really interesting stuff!

St Joseph Facts

  1. St. Joseph is the patron saint of workers, fathers, and the universal Church.
  2. He was the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus.
  3. St. Joseph’s feast day is celebrated on March 19th.
  4. The feast day is also known as the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary.
  5. St. Joseph is often depicted holding the child Jesus.
  6. He is also sometimes depicted with a lily, which represents his purity.
  7. St. Joseph was a carpenter by trade.
  8. He is the patron saint of carpenters, as well as of workers in general.
  9. St. Joseph is believed to have been a righteous and just man.
  10. He is often referred to as a “just man” in the Bible.
  11. St. Joseph is not mentioned often in the Bible, but he is a significant figure in the early life of Jesus.
  12. According to tradition, St. Joseph was chosen by God to be the husband of Mary and the earthly father of Jesus.
  13. The angel Gabriel appeared to Joseph in a dream to tell him about the impending birth of Jesus.
  14. Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem for the census, where Jesus was born.
  15. After the birth of Jesus, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to take the child and Mary to Egypt to escape King Herod’s wrath.
  16. Joseph took his family to Egypt and stayed there until Herod’s death.
  17. St. Joseph is believed to have died before Jesus began his public ministry.
  18. There is no record of St. Joseph’s death in the Bible.
  19. St. Joseph is known for his humility and obedience to God.
  20. He is also known for his devotion to his family.
  21. St. Joseph is a model of fatherhood and is often invoked by fathers and those seeking fatherly guidance.
  22. The devotion to St. Joseph has been strong throughout history, and many saints have had a special devotion to him.
  23. St. Teresa of Avila had a special devotion to St. Joseph and attributed many of her spiritual experiences to his intercession.
  24. St. Therese of Lisieux also had a strong devotion to St. Joseph and referred to him as her “heavenly father.”
  25. St. Joseph is believed to have appeared to various people throughout history, including St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and St. Padre Pio.
  26. The first recorded public veneration of St. Joseph occurred in the 9th century.
  27. The popularity of the devotion to St. Joseph grew throughout the Middle Ages.
  28. Pope Pius IX declared St. Joseph the patron saint of the universal Church in 1870.
  29. St. Joseph is also the patron saint of a number of countries, including Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines.
  30. In Mexico, St. Joseph’s Day is a national holiday.
  31. In some cultures, St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated with a special pastry called a zeppola.
  32. St. Joseph’s Day is also celebrated with special altars in many places, particularly in Italian-American communities.
  33. The altars are typically decorated with bread, fruit, and other food items, which are later donated to the poor.
  34. The altars also often include statues of St. Joseph and other saints.
  35. St. Joseph is sometimes referred to as the “silent saint” because he never spoke in the Bible.
  36. However, his actions and obedience to God spoke volumes about his faith.
  37. St. Joseph’s intercession is often sought for.
  38. St. Joseph is the only saint who was called by God to the unique role of being the earthly father of Jesus.
  39. In Catholic tradition, St. Joseph is known as the “Protector of the Church.”
  40. The Holy Family – Jesus, Mary, and Joseph – are known as the “Domestic Church.”
  41. St. Joseph is believed to have been a descendent of King David.
  42. The Gospel of Matthew describes St. Joseph as a “just man,” which means he was righteous and virtuous.
  43. According to some traditions, St. Joseph was a widower with children when he married Mary.
  44. St. Joseph’s death is not mentioned in the Bible, but some traditions suggest that he died peacefully in the presence of Jesus and Mary.
  45. The title “Husband of Mary” is a reminder of St. Joseph’s role as a faithful spouse and protector of Mary and Jesus.
  46. St. Joseph is believed to have been a man of deep prayer and devotion to God.
  47. Pope Francis has a special devotion to St. Joseph and has declared this year as the Year of St. Joseph.
  48. St. Joseph is also known as the “Terror of Demons,” as he is believed to have the power to protect people from evil spirits.
  49. St. Joseph is depicted in many different ways in religious art, from a humble carpenter to a noble and regal figure.
  50. The name “Joseph” means “God will increase” or “God will add,” which is a reflection of St. Joseph’s role as a provider and protector of his family.
  51. St. Joseph is believed to have been a man of great patience and kindness, as he was willing to trust in God’s plan even when it was difficult.
  52. St. Joseph is a reminder that even ordinary people can do great things when they are faithful to God’s call.
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In conclusion, learning about St. Joseph is a wonderful way to deepen our faith and understanding of the Holy Family. From his unwavering trust in God’s plan to his role as a devoted husband and father, St. Joseph serves as a shining example of faith and virtue for all of us, young and old alike. We hope that these St. Joseph facts for kids have sparked curiosity and inspired a greater appreciation for this beloved saint. May his intercession and example continue to guide us on our own faith journeys.

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